Conquer Google & Drive Organic Traffic

How To Conquer Google In Search

The only absolutely sure way to rank first in Google & receive quality organic traffic is to offer what they want, which is good quality, valued and trusted written content, well presented on a fast, mobile friendly website.

If you have a rounded understanding of what you are doing you can still control your Google search rankings using high quality metrics. Old style Search Engine Optimisation will see you removed from Googles SERPs.

Quality Signals

Undesirable link neighbourhoods (Google unfriendly backlinks to your site) are a clear warning along with back-links from link building networks that Google has detected spam and that your site isn’t a site to be indexed and ranked.

Other signals include anchor text with excessive exact match keywords & phrases as well as keyword densities that exceed normal levels in your content. According to Google ranking specialists Deeho you will get a search ranking penalty if you exploit any of these Search Engine Marketing Techniques.

Brand is utilized by Google as an indication of authority, trust and the quality of your business and web-site in general.

Google increasingly trusts social websites sharing data because of the inherent challenges cheating those signs in bulk. Your Brand, products and services can be examined by Google using trusted review web-sites which they trust.

Search engines results are determined by the perceived value Google attributes to your Brand. Ask how they can help you to increase the trust & authority of your brand online.

The quality, user behaviour and relevance are all critical for your listings. Links used to be Google’s most important popularity barometer. Bad quality indicators will annihilate your search rankings.

Google would like to show the highest quality web-site for each single search request.

This means a result that:

  • Is fast to load
  • Is unique
  • Visitors engage with
  • Links to authority resources
  • Is on a dedicated IP address
  • Is free from bad associations and connections
  • Has quality, trusted, natural links from themed sites
  • Has Brand value

Being positioned well in SERPs just calls for your website to comply with the list of important factors above, while also staying away from all of the many spam filters which will result in a search penalty.

You will receive the search engine visitors you deserve once you climb online, but it can only do that if your website offers the high quality signals that Googles algorithms wants to see, while at the same time not activating any of the poor quality spam triggers that will have a detrimental affect on your listings.

Once you have attracted traffic, whether it is by using Google Adwords PPC campaigns or organic SEO, you will need to effectively convert your visitors into paying customers. This is done using traffic conversion that works.

Google looks for excellence in all areas of your website, so it is your task to convey relevance and authority in every aspect of your site.

Aim for quality in all areas of your site and you can conquer search engines and attract organic traffic.